Meet Rolynda

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m so glad you are here!

I was born in Newark, Ohio and raised in the small town of Nashport. I was sure growing up that I would move to a BIG city. New York City..perhaps!?!! Today, I live less than 7 miles from my childhood home. Our house is surrounded by woods and I have a beautiful view from my studio window.

Growing up, I spent countless hours writing about everything around me and compiling it into short stories. I am now thrilled to be the author of a first reader book series, Lucy’s Tale. I am excited to announce that the third book in the series, Lucy’s 1st Christmas, will be released in time for Christmas 2017! It will take its place beside Lucy Finds a Home and Lucy Meets the Family in the series!!

Rolynda reading with grandson, Wyatt.

My husband and I raised two sons and have one grandson. Our boys are both grown now, but our home is still full of commotion with the pitter patter of paws running around. We have two dogs and two cats, all of which were either a rescue or in desperate need of a new home.

We have a Jack Russel named Sissy. A greyhound named Pippin. A 15 lb cat named Addy and last but not least, you guessed it, the star of the Lucy’s Tale series, a cat named Lucy!

When the boys were growing up, we made time every month to take supplies to the local animal shelter. We would spend hours walking and playing with all the animals looking for their forever homes.

As you can tell, the Lucy’s Tale series has been a long journey for me. My hope is for the series to inspire a compassionate relationship between pets and children, while encouraging people of all ages to help our sheltered and rescue animals find their forever home.

What I’m invovled in:

• Monthly Pet Adoption Sponsor
• Support the local animal shelter
(sponsorship for dog kennels and cat condos)

We can make a difference together!