Lucy Meets the Family

Part 2 of the Lucy's Tale series

Part 2 – “Lucy Meets the Family”

Lucy is a small kitten who recently found her forever home. But when she is introduced to the family she discovers not everybody is excited to meet her. Lucy finds herself getting into mischief as she tries to figure out her place in her new family.

Lucy Meets the Family Coloring Book

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“Adjusting to change is never easy—even if you’re a cat! In Lucy Meets the Family, Rolynda Tassan’s second book in the Lucy’s Tale series, Ben brings Lucy, a little gray cat, home. Nervous, Lucy meets her new family: a cat, Addy, and two dogs, Sissy and Pippin. When Ben leaves, Lucy tries to make herself at home, but she does everything wrong! She makes a mess of the litter box, gets into food that doesn’t belong to her, and annoys Pippin by sleeping on her bed. Will Lucy ever feel like part of the family?

Dedicated to families who open their homes to animals from the shelter, Lucy Meets the Family is a great way to teach young children how to prepare to bring a new pet home, especially if they have other pets at home already. Like Lucy, a new pet will feel anxiety at her surroundings and make mistakes as she tries to find her way around her home. Readers will learn to anticipate what they can do to prepare their other pets for a new family member. Addy, Sissy, and Pippin already have their own spaces and understand the rules, so they need time to adjust to another animal. On a more practical level, Lucy Meets the Family shows readers what an owner will need to purchase before bringing home a new pet.

For young children just learning to read, Lucy Meets the Family is good practice. The words are simple, and some lines of text are repetitive. The pictures in the book are colorful and have the feel of being hand sketched with watercolor paints. However, the illustrations directly reflect the story and focus on Ben, his pets, and the purchased items for Lucy. Tassan weaves a heartwarming tale about furry friends with tails that animal lovers will enjoy.”
A Literary Titan Book Review

A Literary Titan Book Review

The prior book in this series, Lucy’s Tale, documented how a lost kitten was rescued, but readers from preschool to grade 3 should actually begin with Lucy Meets the Family, which follows a rescue cat who is brought home to meet an existing family of dogs and cats.  In this story, the kitten in Lucy Meets the Family is the same kitten that is rescued in Lucy Finds a Home.

While one might expect a light-hearted, welcoming atmosphere, to its credit, Lucy Meets the Family doesn’t sugar-coat the realities of introducing a new pet to existing ones.

Lucy doesn’t know what to do with the litter box, thinking it’s a sand pit for playing, and older, wiser cat Addy has to teach her. Lucy’s penchant for exploring gets her into trouble that the other animals must mitigate in this fun tale of a new cat’s changed home and how the other pets must pitch in to teach her some important lessons.

As human and animal families make adjustments and learn about Lucy’s habits, so Lucy observes what is being done to help her feel a part of the family.

Whether Lucy Meets the Family is used for bedtime read-aloud or picture book pursuit by early readers, any child who loves animals will delight in this gentle story of the adjustments an entire family must make for a new arrival.

Illustrator Ruby Wheeler’s drawings are fun, personable embellishments that share the learning process of Lucy and her new family alike in a story that will find a special place in the hearts of parents and kids who love cats and dogs.

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Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Lucy Meets the Family: Lucy’s Tale, #2 is a children’s animal picture book written by Rolynda Tassan and illustrated by Ruby Wheeler. Lucy was excited to be going to her new home. The little gray rescue kitten could hardly wait, and she fidgeted as Ben held her carefully and carried her through the front door. Then he gently put her down on the floor, where her new animal family was waiting to meet her. Ben introduced Lucy to each of them. There was Addy, a large cat who was gray like herself. Sissy was a small brown and white dog, and Pippin was a big, brown dog. Lucy instantly wanted to play with her new family, but they still weren’t quite sure about this new arrival in their home. After Ben and his parents left for the store, Lucy started exploring her new surroundings. Being a kitten, she was bound to get in trouble for making a mess out of the litter box, or jumping up on a kitchen counter and playing with the donuts she found up there. Each time, one of her new family members was telling her what she had done wrong; it didn’t seem like she could do anything right. But then Ben came home; his arms were filled with toys, a bed and other things for Lucy, and everything seemed to get better.

Rolynda Tassan’s children’s animal picture book, Lucy Meets the Family: Lucy’s Tale, #2, follows the adventures of a rescue kitten as she meets her new family and home for the first time. Introducing new animals can be unsettling for both the new member and the established pets, and Ben’s careful introductions, with special hugs for Addy, Pippin, and Sissy, demonstrate how a little extra attention can lessen the insecurity some pets may feel when a new one is brought into the home. Tassan uses language geared towards new readers, with repetitions designed to help kids gain confidence in their reading abilities and rapidly process new words and phrases. Ruby Wheeler’s illustrations are cheerful and do a great job at enhancing the story. I especially liked the facial expressions she gives to each animal.

Lucy Meets the Family: Lucy’s Tale, #2 is most highly recommended.

This is a very cosy sort of story by Rolynda Tassan and illustrated by Ruby Wheeler. It follows a kitten called Lucy and her first day with her new family. Being a very short book, it is simply written, the writing style perfect for very young children or children just beginning to read.

All the characters seem very sweet: Addy the cat, Sissy the dog and Pippin, a much bigger dog! Lots happen to Lucy in this story as she attempts to find out ‘how things work’ in her new home.

There’s the sand box, a very tasty donut – I loved the cheeky way they hid it – and the dog bed (no cats allowed!)

I would think any parent who is thinking of introducing a pet to the family would find this book helpful in showing a child how having a pet is not just ‘playing’. Also, there’s a lovely theme of ‘family’ to the story that parents will be happy to share with young children.

Colorfully illustrated and with plenty happening to keep a child amused, this might prove very popular at bedtime.

Overall Rating: Delightful.

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Lucy’s Tips

Here are some tips to help the transition go smoothly when you bring your new furry friend home to meet the family.

  • Plan of Care – Have a family meeting and develop a Plan of Care for your new pet. This should include who is responsible for each activity. The Plan of Care should include a feeding, bathroom and exercise schedule.
  • Introduction – Introduce your new pet to your other pets slowly and cautiously. Remember they will all have extra stress so give them extra time to get to know each other. Do not leave them alone unsupervised in the beginning.
  • Preparation –  Be prepared for accidents and inappropriate behavior. Have reasonable expectations for your new pet. Safeguard your house.
Quality Time – Try to spend as much time as possible with your pet in the beginning. It will be time well spent in grooming their behavior.

We can make a difference together. Let’s treat our pets and animals with love and compassion!