Lucy Finds a Home

Part 1 of the Lucy's Tale series

Part 1 – “Lucy Finds a Home”

Lucy Finds a Home Coloring Book


Lucy Finds a Home is a sweet story about a kitten who loses her way and goes on the search for a place to belong. I love the theme of a rescue family being this kitten’s true home, and kids are sure to enjoy following Lucy on her adventure to finding her family. The author has a good sense of humor that comes out in page after page (my favorite is when Lucy tried to enter the turtle’s shell!). The illustrations are good in this book and support the story well throughout. There isn’t much to improve in this story.

Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Publishßed Book Awards.

Lucy puts her paws on her basket and views an amazing world just outside of hers, and so she scampers over the side and enters a forest where she embarks on a search for home, encountering many new animals and strange things.

Lucy Finds a Home is a fun picture book story of a little kitten who samples a variety of homes in the course of her quest, finding that each forest animal’s abode holds something both alluring and dismaying.

Each animal is generous, but as their homes ultimately fail to appeal to her, Lucy begins to despair when tragedy hits and spirals her into danger. Will she ever find a place she can call her own?
Cute, full-color, large-size drawings by Bryce Westervelt of very simple, appealing animals accompany simple, heart-warming story line based on the real ‘Lucy,’ who is part of the author’s family, providing young picture book readers and their read-aloud parents with a simple saga of a kitten discovering its place in the world.

The very young will find it a charming, gentle animal story with a message about where ‘home’ really is located.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Lucy Finds A Home is a delightful tale for very young readers, about a kitten who loses her way and searches for a place in which to belong. Along her journeys she is kindly invited to stay with a variety of new animal friends she meets. But there always seems to be something lacking in the matchup and she moves on.

The colorful illustrations are bright, simple and child oriented. There is humor throughout and a hint of danger near the end, but only for a short period, and it is quickly resolved.

The story successfully brings an endearing point to the needs of animals, letting us see the importance of something as small as a kitten, giving it value, and creating a child- appropriate story. I heartily recommend this for first readers. This book will be available on Amazon March 15, 2017. For more information, you can go here.

Pipe Dream Books, Bruce Arrington, Reviewer

Lucy and her siblings are looking for a forever home. But curious Lucy the kitten crawls out of the basket to explore the world around her. Soon she is lost. Lucy Finds a Home (Lucy’s Tale) by Rolynda Tassan is a wonderful story of a curious kitten looking for a forever home. Her explorations take us on a trip through the woods where she meets animals that offer her a home, but Lucy the kitten soon realizes she can’t live with them. Through Lucy Finds a Home, children will discover other animals like a fawn, squirrels, a turtle, and a trout and their habitats. The fawn shares blueberries with Lucy and invites her to stay with him, but kittens don’t like blueberries. Two gray squirrels offer her an acorn for lunch, but Lucy couldn’t bite into it. A turtle offered her a home in his shell, but Lucy couldn’t squeeze in. Even a trout says Lucy can live with his family, but Lucy didn’t like being in the river, so she got out.

Children and adults will love Lucy Finds a Home and feel sorry for the kitten that’s looking for a family. This heart-warming story takes children and parents on an exploration of the woods, the river, a dangerous climax, and then a happy ending. Author Rolynda Tassan provides a wonderful, easy-to-read story for beginner readers or parents who want to read with preschoolers. The simple, but effective drawings on each page help to illustrate Lucy’s feelings and discoveries. Through Lucy’s eyes, we can discover the world around us from a new kitten’s perspective. Lucy Finds a Home is a delightful children’s book that should find a home on your bookshelf.

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Lucy Finds a Home by Rolynda Tassan features an adorable little grey kitten who got lost in the forest after climbing out of the basket she shared with her siblings. It is a short and sweet tale about a lost animal searching for it’s place in the world, and comes across many different animals and struggles as it looks for a family and a home to call it’s own. It rings true to classic children’s stories that revolve around discovery and identifying animals, and the kitten Lucy goes through a series of emotions as she tries to find a family with the forest creatures.

This book is good for children because you can show them that hard-work will always bring in good results. Most children books have simple meaning to them, and the story about Lucy is the same. You can teach a lot of different easy to understand life lessons by following Lucy’s quest for finding a home in the world. When the story begins, Lucy is in a basket with her other siblings, and the picture shows that the kittens are free and available to be taken in by a good home. Of course Lucy doesn’t read the sign, and wanders off to go explore.

In her exploration, Lucy comes across animals like turtles and deer, whom all welcome her into their lives. Unfortunately, Lucy finds out that she doesn’t quite belong with the woodland animals as she tries out their different food and living situations. This can be a great way to help children learn more about animals and their habitats, while also encouraging them to be brave and try new things.

The plot of the book is centered around the lost kitten Lucy and her struggles to find a home. You can get your children involved with the storytelling by asking them who they think Lucy should live with and why. As the story gets closer to the end, Lucy has to deal with scary parts of the adventure like a rushing river and losing her dry place to sleep. Remind your children to be brave, just like Lucy was in the story!

This is an adorable, sweet little book that children will love. I liked the adventures that Lucy went on, and how it showed she wasn’t afraid to try new things, but was also brave enough to admit when something didn’t work out. My favorite thing about the story, and that I hope to see featured in the rest of the line of books that Lucy will be featured in, is that she never gave up. This is a great thing to see in children’s books, and as a mom personally, I’m always encouraging my kids to stay strong. Having a kitten like Lucy to remind them of when times get tough is a great thing, and I love that it is shown here!

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Lucy’s Tips

Each year millions of dogs and cats are lost. Here are some tips to help you find your furry companion.

  • Be sure your pet wears a collar with an ID tag. The tag should include your furry friend’s name and up-to-date contact information for you.
  • For permanent identification, consider having your pet micro chipped. Be sure to update your contact information as needed.
  • Ask for help. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and family members. They can help you organize a search. The more people looking for your pet the better.
  • Check your local shelters, rescues, and veterinarian clinics.
  • Post flyers with a picture and description of your pet. Be sure to include your contact information. In addition to posting flyers, advertise in newspapers, with radio stations, and on social media.

We can make a difference together.
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